The Present

Perhaps the most stumbling thing about the present is acknowledging how we are in perpetual limbo between past and future.

In the current climate where so many people are facing incredible unknowns…how does anyone actually sleep soundly at night without worries of what tomorrow brings? How do we plan the next steps that will allow us to get to a point that is at least in the vicinity of where we were hoping to be once upon a time?

It’s no secret that unemployment is at an all time high and those that are employed are working crazily to ensure that they do execute and produce results all the while being asked to reach further. Meanwhile dozens of friends who had found themselves jobless are turning to innovate. The tech world as we know it is fertile with startups begging for attention. Applications, web blogs, web based businesses and entrepreneurial endeavors of all sizes and shapes are sprouting from every angle and corner of possibility as we all struggle to find some sturdy foothold in a tumultous present where everything hangs on chance.

When will that time come again when things were somewhat certain and minutia were often taken for granted? Are those days gone? Sadly the answer is beginning to lean towards an increasing yes.

– Global warming is proving to be something that COULD very well happen sometime in the future just as the EPA publishes secret global warming findings from the Bush administration:

– Unemployment continues to rise even as the Dow hiccups itself to show some signs of health

– Even in the fruitful San Francisco market where a bubble culture exists where people live, work and play in a way that suggests a recession isn’t occuring, unemployment has risen to 17%

The future is bleak, the past is lost…and the present is frustrating and fatigue inducing at best…so where pray tell, do we go from here? Does anyone know?  I think we’re all collectively searching for some direction and being mindful to be appreciative and being vividly present in the present.  And if we’re not doing so, we sincerely should.

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  1. The future can be positive and hopeful if we stop clinging to the failed patterns of the past.

    What can get us out of our Depression is returning to freedom, peace, and happiness. Those are values that have to be understood and endorsed by individuals.

    So long as they are not, we are poised to perpetuate our misery and continue our societal slide into oblivion.

  2. Nima, I enjoyed your post on Freedom, peace and happiness very much. I agree that we must always look forward and find ways to be content with the self. Thank you.

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