A toast to…

This blog being updated more frequently. This is a forecast – not just a disclaimer to be dismissed. Or I’ll at least strive to update more frequently. 🙂

That’s something to toast or bemoan…dear visitor I leave that preference to you. Never one to demand, I always say everyone is entitled to one’s own opinion and choices. We live once…be sure to make that opinion and choice resound and count. Though I do hope the content here is seen as fun and interesting.

Alas yet another toast is dedicated solely for Snapfish and by extension, Hewlett-Packard. My professional home for what would have been three years in June – whose 10th birthday is April 10th (do check out Snapfish this week and always…but especially this week for great deals on the best customizable photo goodies – the promotions are incredible – my favorites: the photo collage mousepad, mug and a photo skin for any of your tech goodies.) It has been nothing short of an incredible honor and experience to have been able to work at Snapfish and amongst peers I could have only dreamed to have had the chance to work with – few workplaces will have people so dedicated, passionate, fun and talented. Even fewer will have the kind of love and kinship we all share with one another. The opportunities to learn and grow at Snapfish and its remarkable people – many of whom I’ve been blessed to come to know as nothing short of extended family are what I will miss most as I continue onwards to explore realms unknown – though I fully expect those friendships to grow stronger as time passes…or else. I see that this not as a goodbye but as a see you all very soon and frequently….after all, I will be but two blocks away. Thank you Snapfish and HP.

What realms unknown? Alas, a toast to new realms is in order….

I’m joining a start up and entering the ever and often exciting world of solving riddles, filling voids and general wonder of the future that defines the world of start ups. Live Intent will be my new professional home. Unfamiliar with relevancy, connections, influence and the future of social media and content as we know it in its static forms? I hope to be a humble servant to bring us all up to speed ASAP while Live Intent iterates to become a leader of the pack. Catch any wrap up of Social Media Club SF Silicon Valley’s March panel event at Tie and you will find that this is the hot topic of 2010. I will be joining the gifted team at Live Intent based out of NY and opening Live Intent West – as community and market development manager. LiveIntent is a venture-backed startup that helps Consumers, Publishers and Advertisers find, initiate and engage in more meaningful relationships via social media channels like Twitter, YouTube and MySpace. Learn more about how we work at Live Intent.

Besides creating the first true discovery utility for social media creators, one of the most exciting things we are doing is building our company almost entirely in the cloud: Salesforce.com, RackSpace, VOIP and a raft of other tools that didn’t exist 10 years ago are helping us run lean, mean and fast. I’m responsible for opening Live Intent West, creating a living community and connecting/developing the market to play in. Become a publishing or an advertising partner with us! Let’s connect. Contact me. Please come visit – idea exchange, question adding and answer seeking, strategic business opportunities and partnerships are to be forged to create footprints in sands yet to be discovered. In the world that awaits where relevant connections to content and the people who can connect us further to interests and communities that speak to, motivate and inspire us – Live Intent aims to be the one to quench your thirst for knowledge, connectivity and relevancy. The best part is that the Live Intent widget is free to host as a publisher and there’s even a rev share component for publishers as well as advertisers. So please contact me if you’re interested in learning more and better yet, come visit! You could say hola to Klout and the other notably worthy neighbors of Live Intent West’s office space when you do.

Also please do save this date for the “Pre-Chirp Part for Twitter App Developers” TUE April 13th from 6 to 8pm…where we can share a toast in person and not just virtually.

Last toast goes to Rad on the Web…which has also become a home as of late as I step into the exciting role of co-host after the original talented and lovely host Neha Tiwari has moved to work in a dedicated fashion at JustinTV.  Tune in every other week, tentatively on Thursdays at 4pm EST to the awesome and fun producer/musician/on-air persona Carlos Rodella and I reviewing sites that are in alpha, beta or just sites you may have missed.  And every week via Rad on the Web at Justin TV to catch live tapings. (I’ll update times when I get a chance.) We search the net and find the best new and interesting websites. Promotions and giveaways, themed episodes, and top 5 lists. It’s wacky at times and I’m definitely still green and nervous but it’s a good show and time. Here’s a great snippet to catch in the meantime of the really great duo of Scott and Jill from Compute-Ability having a rad chat with Carlos about Rad on the Web and his more current projects. Please do let me know if you have a site and any promotions or suggestions for us to feature!

And with that I say Salut and Kampaii – along with a hope to see everyone soon to have toast together on whatever is new in your world too – preferably in person as we all continue toasting to life.

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  1. I am thrilled for you to start a new chapter of your professional career. I wish you nothing but the best dear. May your new professional home bring you happiness and success!


    • Thank you for always being so supportive Ahlam!

  2. Once you have your widgets where you want them, just close the Widget Bar with a single click. Widgets

  1. April 12th, 2010

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