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timeTime is a currency of scarcity in this world and this is especially true in my world now that I have embarked on the wonderful and ever iterating realm of startups and tech. I find very little time to update this blog though I have been asked to consider updating more frequently as to the events I attend/host/support, the projects of note, concepts, ideas, thoughts that linger and meander and to just blog as of late.  The hesitation comes from speculation as to whether this will be of any actual interest to anyone and in finding the time, while the irony is that I finally actually have material, even from just an entertaining or introspective summation and commentary  perspective, to blog about of any actual relevance and interest than at this time in my life since I have become a more active participant in the world of tech and entrepeneurialism.  It’s funny to think of how my Xanga account once also only updated on the happenstance circumstances, thoughts and actions of a student/entrepreneur but in a much more rambling and mindless fashion.  So I will and shall try to at least update more frequently and to possibly ideally even add to conversations and support friends/ideas in the space more, but I wonder and marvel…

…as to how so many amazing people and minds manage to execute and fulfill their many professional, social and personal obligations and yet still have the energy and time to blog in such a thorough way as

 Dr. Michael Wu 

Michael Wu, the principal scientist of Lithium Technologies has in his recap of Social Media Club SF Silicon Valley’s


latest panel discussion event on the HOT topic of Social CRM.  And for those who have yet to attend one of our panels (of which I have the great pleasure to be serving the community as the Director of Production for the Silicon Valley Chapter – and here I must digress and urge contact with me if you happen to have an event venue to donate to SMC for an evening or would like a connection to be a panelist and/or sponsor and have any other interest in being involved in some way) at any of the monthly Social Media Club SF Silicon Valley or any other Social Media Club Chapter for that matter, you really should.  Find a local chapter and attend in person if you can since there is always a wealth of incredible experienced and informed discussion, networking and learning opportunities and if you can’t, try to tune in via live stream and join the conversation occuring on Twitter via hashtag #smcsfsv.

#SMCSFSV Social CRM Discussion

For an organized taste of the active discussion that was had at our last even covering Social Customer Relationship Management, I direct you to Dr. Wu’s post on Lithium Technologies’ blog in which he broke down the Twitter conversations and notes from our topic of Social CRM and even provided a “tweetscript” whereby he was able to provide stats and a graph to truly disambiguate and make sense out of the active conversation and notation that occurred on Twitter in real time during the panel. I urge you to take the time to read Dr. Wu’s recap of the panel if you have the time to get the best recap of a panel via Tweeting in an organized and statistical fashion for a refreshing change and to check out the Tweet notes broken down by subject and hope to see you at our next #smcsfsv event!

Alas, my thoughts on Social CRM will have to wait until I have more time but I will say that 2010 and I’m sure the years to come when social media will come to be known as just another form of media without the need to label it “social” because viral marketing has demonstrated it’s power as a call from the individual to be heard and included in conversations.

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  1. Hello Tina,

    Thx for cross posting and linking to my blog. I totally understand what you meant by “time is a currency of scarcity.” But I must said that passion can overcome such scarcity, and that is how I managed to blog on a weekly basis. You should continue to blog, I think it suites your creative and artistic nature.

    With regard to passion, I like to direct you to an old blog article that I wrote on the notion of “flow”. I think you might find it interesting.

    Enjoy at your leisure. thx for tweeting and blogging.

  2. Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration to follow my passions Michael. I did really enjoy your article. Thanks for tweeting and blogging as well!

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