LiveIntent Wins TechCrunch Disrupt’s Must Have Technology Award By Adding Dynamic Value

Last week LiveIntent was voted up on stage to demo on the fly by the audience made up of fellow startup peers from StartUp Alley at TechCrunch’s Disrupt Event in New York.  Even better, LiveIntent won TechCrunch’s Must Have Technology Award.  Better still or arguably more disruptive still, was the speech that came along with the reward.  Watch the clip below to understand what I mean.  My disclaimer is that this video of LiveIntent being presented the “Must Have F*/%ing Technology” Award by TechCrunch Sponsor Lowenstein Sandler is in no way safe to be watched at work or near your mother or little people.

As a premise to the epically profane award presenting to LiveIntent for sharing a truly dynamic experience with the world to what has become the industry standard of static social media buttons on almost every current and virtual site, you must check out LiveIntent’s recap of Disrupt and their sharing of Michael Arrington’s interview of Yahoo’s Carol Bartz where she speaks of Yahoo’s abilities and value propositions from behind the frontlines of managing the company and apparently lives up to her reputation to being able to out outswear a salty sea sailor.

This is exciting news for LiveIntent who aims to facilitate meaningful connections between Consumers, Publishers and Brands via social media channels.   The LiveIntent window, which runs on publisher and brand sites, is an intelligent introduction discovery technology that presents consumers with a personalized set of personas, feeds and brands which they can select through a dynamic button window widget without ever leaving the site.  As the user interacts with the window multiple times, across multiple sites, the window learns and presents better and more targeted introductions to all users across all sites where this technology is running. All of this continues the user’s engagement with the publisher and encourages deeper engagement between the consumer, publisher and advertiser.  To learn more about advertiser and publisher opportunities please contact me.

Either case, do enjoy the profanity soaked videos at your own risk here:

As the web transitions from the infancy of the 80s and 90s to what has come to be known as Web 2.0 so much has changed in the way that we interact with the sites we visit.  Dynamic banner ads, drop down menus, livestream video and the like have made the web experience so much more interactive and inviting of any calls to action.  While the idea of a pop up or roll over ad is definitely not new, the idea of a dynamic social media widget from LiveIntent that could enable YouTube, MySpace, Facebook as well as Twitter for the time being to be accessible and content made available in window on publisher sites without it ending the experience of that site is incredible, bias or not. The value of being able to deliver interest specific and relevant content of any kind, whether that be an introduction to follow someone who might become a friend and peer via a social network or to our next favorite gadget or blog in a very specific and tailored experience is something that any marketer as far back as the first barter merchants in Egypt and Asia would kill to yield and master.

Looking forward to the possibilities of a truly user experience focused internet world is exciting.  True, we may not want to get so wedded to our internet and to advertisers as to have our eyes scanned as we walk through a hallway and have targeted custom ads play to us individually as in the movie Minority Report but learning about products and services that I would actually use and come to love and use habitually and daily from my computer without needing to go through the hassle and time sink of driving/walking store to store to see what the selection is at Macy’s over Nordstroms and sifting through all the other irrelevant products that I won’t be needing now without all the clutter is a quality of life improvement that the internet has brought to all of us. The concept of regional geo targetted, target market focused, many product and service offerings to the individual consumer business model destination hub of the modern day shopping mall as we know it helped bridge consumer demand and convenience as far back as the 1920s. Every living being’s experience is unique and it would be incredibly valuable if shopping for necessities and leisure alike became a unique and tailored experience.  As a consumer the value is tenfold, personally, my time is limited.  If companies became smarter and were able to just let me know of what I should be using, when that goes for a discounted price and bought online in a cinch that would make my life so much better.  Even more so if this personal shopper was able to know when I might need another order of paper towels and auto supplied @theshampooh’s food so that I never run out and feel like the worst workaholic in the universe especially since I live in San Francisco – where most of us work 7 days a week around the clock and most businesses from dentists to grocery stores closes early, as @themaria and I were just lamenting.  Alas, the topic of the battle of finding some work life balance when your work is tied to something that operates every second and every day in every timezone is a whole other blog entry yet to come and with that I say adieu and wish everyone a happy weekend.

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