Tungle the Personal Assistant

Jetsetting can be fun, effective and productive – even if it is pretty hectic and disorientingly maddening to find time to sleep and work in between meetings and checkins and airport stress. Work travel is a chaos of a new breed – what with travel times and the ever more frequent delays and cancellations of airlines, traffic etc these days – it is a small wonder that one can is still able to execute on strategies, take calls and have face to face meetings, regardless of whether the work travel entails cross country plane rides or commuting between clients and meetings.

As business travel and remote work arrangements increase, working while in transit forces one to adapt new ways to balance work, life and time.  It also incites companies to fill voids in our ability to function better as road warriors and remote workers.  From co-working spaces and entrepreneur incubation firms to the tools that enable us to exercise our choice of a mobile workplace and life – there is no better time and place for such innovations and such a dynamic lifestyle.

One such company that has made life as a mobile road and air warrior advisor at Paladin so much better is Tungle.  In a world where timezones, changing workspaces and mobility is a way of life, having a tool which acts like your own personal assistant when it comes to your schedule and calendar is incredibly valuable.   Tungle allows for scheduling on the fly, just shoot someone your availability through Tungle (here’s mine:http://tungle.me/tinahui) and meeting times can be proposed, scheduled, switched and even cancelled in real time.  Changes made are then automatically updated and available to anyone else who might want to schedule some time with you.  Simple.  The back and forth of navigating appointment and meetings times via a combination of Outlook invites and email become a thing of the past.  In its place we are given a seamless scheduling application which pulls our busy/free activity from various sources already employed.  Outlook and Google Calendar are easily synced to this cloud based scheduling utility and you can schedule meetings on Tungle itself or on the calendar application of your choice and it will sync both ways instead of just one.

In all honesty, I experience my fair share of user error as I first adopted Tungle, as is usually the case with me anyways, I am not at all embarrassed to admit that I go through plenty of trial and error to really get to a point of comfortable usage of a new technology or gadget.  But now that Tungle has become a fully integrated staple of my daily life I am only left with some faint reminders of how painful scheduling used to be – farewell email threads of confirming/updates to multiple proposed times and multiple attendee availability hassles, hello simple task manager a la Tungle!

One tip I’d like to dispense that made Tungle even more useful for me personally for you to consider is to access the settings which enable you to choose between allowing visitors to select one or more times to propose for a meeting.  I’d stick with one proposal time, lest you end up having visitors needing to choose more than one available time to propose for a meeting and end up having to go back and forth and confirming a time.  If only one proposal time is selected as an option, it makes it easier to set a meeting that already has an agreed upon meeting time and date and send notifications to fellow attendees.  It would be more effective for Tungle.me visitors to choose to suggest multiple proposed meetings times if applicable and much more Tungle user friendly to be able to grab the appointment instantly if need be and have the choice to choose more if applicable.

Tungle is definitely helpful for freelancers, mobile workers and even corporate employees when it comes to scheduling, especially so if you are apt to work closely with outside vendors and need the visibility to help schedule meetings.  Try it.  It’s free and you’ll see what a difference it makes to your life – since just as any really capable and great personal assistant would, Tungle takes care of scheduling pains for you and frees up some other time so you can allocate that time and attention elsewhere.  And if you run into any problems, @ErinLariviere and @JonathanLevitt will surely respond and be of immediate assistant as quickly as you can say Tungle on Twitter.

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