Sprint’s Overdrive Mobile HotSpot Delivers Freedom

Without question, the best gadget I’ve made a rather decided and absolute switch to from ATT (via a rather wallet wrenching experience as I paid early cancellation fees for an ATT Wifi USB Card that not only had limited functionality but also malfunctioned my laptops to boot while riddling them with incompatibility issues) to an added monthly bill from Sprint for was my Sprint Overdrive.  3G capable out of the box and 4G capable once the 4G revolution catches up in a few months (maybe 2011?), this gadget had me at HELLO.

And I say my next sentence with not one once of hesitation.  For I am without a doubt completely in geek elation. Regardless of the need for this device to be charged before it functions and it’s sometimes slow powering up time, it is really my favorite purchase of the year.

Freedom is like oxygen in importance to me, since living life fully is best realized without toxic, controlling or unnecessary messy limiting influences with a commitment to treating others well and with respect.  A close second on that graph of what one cannot live without, is internet connectivity and a laptop/iPhone.  And the OverDrive allows for this increasingly crucial combination to be at your fingertips and even allows for sharing this magical combination of freedom and WiFi internet access with up to 5 internet capable devices at a time wherever you may be.  In a park, on the beach, in the car, at a cafe that attempts to charge you not just for your beverage and a bite to eat but also your WiFi in an age where WiFi should at long last be free and available to all – utopic and idealistic, but it SHOULD be a reality in the ever arriving future of people constantly being connected to the internet in some way or another.  Digression aside, since this topic could spur a whole blog post, short of an airplane, or perhaps out in the middle of the ocean someplace and oversees where Sprint cannot bless your new best friend of a device, the Sprint Overdrive by Sierra Wireless, in my now 3 month experience, will and does deliver on its promise of freedom and internet connectivity within the 50 United States without the blotchy signal of ATT to multiple devices.

The Sprint Overdrive, which is delivers 2-5mbps on average when connected with 20%-40% signal (2-3 bars) is great for VPN connectivity and multiple devices.  Compact, and largely still working off 3G coverage, it is smart and will switch to run off 4G coverage if it is at all available and as the US moves to adopt 4G at large, the device will move from being a  3G product to 4G without needing any action from you.

I’ve found the Overdrive’s battery can run for about 2.5-3 hours.  It works divinely when plugged in for hours at a time, though the device and battery does get pretty hot temperature wise – which doesn’t affect it’s performance but I would keep an eye on it from time to time – not sure if it could or would catch on fire or smoke, but it’s always good to be proceed with some caution as far as overheating devices go.  Also, when using the USB plug on the computer, the Overdrive’s battery will still be draining, though at a slower pace since it uses more energy from a USB port.  Yes, the connection isn’t perfectly hyper fast for any other internet junkies out there who like streaming content with zero buffering times and files to send and pages to load with no wait times, but it beats not having any internet on the go.

I truly cannot recommend a better investment than Sprint’s Overdrive Mobile HotSpot if you enjoy the possibilities that await in being able to take the internet with you.  So long as your OverDrive is charged or there’s an outlet nearby, you’ll never have to worry again about accessing a client or potential partner’s web server in order to make it through your presentation where web accessibility would allow you to pull real time examples up to complete the demo of your capabilities.  And yes you could just demo of an iPad these days, but sometimes – when you’re on the road and realize you’ve got emails to catch up on, files to send, blogs to write and publish and so on…trust me – few beat the freedoms the Overdrive will grant when coupled with your laptop.

  1. I have been using the hotspot functionality of my HTC Evo 4G. It rocks and the 4G is super fast. I stream Hulu on it all the time.

    • Louis Gray does this also – it really does rock as I’ve used folks hotspot functionality too, but it unfortunately disconnects access to the web during calls. Wish that were different. 🙂

      • I didn’t realized Sprint disabled 4G during calls. Kind of odd since the 4G technology does support CDMA calls at the same time.

        • Abraham, I’m assuming here but hopefully they are working on fixing that and allowing for multiple functionality like ATT did for the iPhone4.

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