Have a Lenovo? Don’t toss it out for web connectivity issues yet!

To be clear I adore my 10-inch Lenovo PC. Being that it is a heavy duty little machine that is mighty. At 2.4 pounds, it serves as a heavy duty but compact machine albeit it’s still no ultra mobile Asus – it offers better functionality overall and is just perfect for on the road PC work. Better yet the battery life is eaily 6 hours at least.

This Lenovo also has the usual ports, including a VGA, an Ethernet, a mic, and headphone input and a 4-in-1 card reader. Unfortunately it has only 2 USB ports and does have a tracking ball mouse, which does take some getting used to.  While it may not exactly fit in the palm of my hand with such dexterity as in these images, the Lenovo 10-inch is the perfect combination of compact size, memory, speed, functionality and battery life for me.

The only real issue I’ve ever encountered which inevitably almost had my chucking my beloved Lenovo out the window was the internet access issues that come as a default with any Lenovo system.  Are you a Lenovo owner?  

If so…you’re probably also sitting there scratching your head figuring out how to get two competing internet access systems to quit competing and sabotaging each other while all you want is a web connectivity program that works without connecting seamlessly at times and other times not at all or conflictingly and needing a restart. In a word…it is FRUSRATING.

Alas! Fret no longer, the solution is here thanks to a quick chat with an IT guru and a confirmation by @lizasperling (also a Lenovo owner who was advised by Lenovo pals to do the same)! All you have to do is go to your Control Panel, then select uninstall progam under the Programs icon and uninstall the ThinkVantage Access program. That will end all of your web connectivity issues and you will be left with the dreamy compact PC you always yearned for – the one that you can take anywhere and connect to the web seamlessly and work and be connected like the happily mobile person you are. (Still in doubt, I just advised @psauer of @plancast to do the same and I not only didn’t break his computer, it WORKED!!! Woot!

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    • July 29th, 2010

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