Consider Me Inspired by the Women in Tech Influencer Panel

Enough about the hoopla between the quantity of women in tech.  I’d rather know about the quality of women AND men for that matter that are in tech, creating amazing new realities and stretching boundaries everyday.  And while there is much buzz about there not being enough women in tech innovating, I’d rather be inspired and listening to the women and men in tech who have been there and are attempting to create share wisdom and insights into taking their experience forward.

Over the years, I’ve attended many events and panels for tech.  Lately, the topics tend to blur and the discussions are echoes of what someone already touched upon a few hundred times.  While this is an inevitability since if you’d gone to one event you’ve gone to many of the same kind – and also since we all share the same collective pools of knowledge, it’s always refreshing when a panel surprises you and gives you relevant inspiration or motivation.

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I truly enjoyed this Women in Tech Influencer panel that was hosted at the Facebook Live Event quite simply because they were relevant and shared relevant insights that could be reassuring and comforting to any number of start up geeks and aspiring entrepreneurs.  As I embark on this crazy new adventure as a startup CEO with at least three ideas I wish I had the energy to launch at once – it is great to learn that the lack of expertise I have in coding which is more than sufficed by our very talented and gifted Director of Product and CTO are not major failings.  It’s good to be assured that my sitting here and being extremely specific in our prototype will help us avoid costly and time consuming mistakes.  And it helps to be affirmed that picking the idea that solves a need and is interesting and is a good starting point.  And that if we should fail, we can, at the very worst, get back up and try again – at least we have another idea in the wings?   Its also motivating to have a woman tell you to speak up more as a woman.  It is a fact that women should stand up and be proud of work they’ve done well more. Brag. Own it. Get the raise. Men DO.

I am definitely not beyond admitting that social conditioning was successful in that I am not so great at speaking up for work I am actually proud of and that I know female friends who are the same.  Humble, quietly diligent, dedicated and producers of great results, some of the most brilliant women I know never toot their own horn as much as a man of the same credible capacity would and have – though they should.  Oddly, women are also not always great at cheering each other on as well – and it’s true all of this needs to change.  If we were better at boasting about the projects we have had the chance to champion and cheered each other’s success forward, we’d probably suffer less from people discounting our work and potential as well.  Not one to be a hypocrite here, the lack of posts here is a testament of how odd it feels at times to speak of one’s work – but panel discussions like the one above and supportive peers do encourage more content.  Since perhaps, what seems like insignificant candid reflections to me could be of interest and possibly even helpful to someone else out there – maybe.  Watch the panel.  These women code, run companies and know what they are talking about and spoke from experience in a way that you can relate to if you’re at all tech or startup inclined.  I am happy to have them as inspiration and to look up to.

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