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Passionate new media, tech, marketing, business development, product development, advertising and project management executive with a penchant for ideas, new technology, media, people and loving life.
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CEO & Co-Founder @ Leisure.ly
At Leisure.ly we understand that time and money are valuable. Both assets need to be respected and catered to. We strive to bring the luxury of leisure in choosing how both is spent by providing additional loyalty reward benefits to customers while ensuring our trusted participating partners’ brand and business is well represented.

Every second is an experience. As our lives become increasingly busy, our needs are becoming greater. Leisure.ly exists to make life easier and better together.

At Leisure.ly, relationships matter and loyalty is rewarded. For business development opportunities, please inquire with tina@leisure.ly

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Specialties: Event Coordination, Fundraising, Graphic Design, Marketing, Advertising, New Media, PR, Product Development, Management and Operational Consulting.

If you are seeking experienced, resourceful and efficient solutions to your business endeavors, please don’t hesitate to contact me. We would be happy to assist and grow your company’s efforts.

More endeavors…
Guest Columnist and Programs Advisor @ BrokeLivin

Director of Production @ Social Media Club SF Silicon Valley
Board Member, Communications Committee @ Catalog and eCommerce Club
Director of Operations, SF Steering Committee @ Project by Project
Advisory Board of Directors @ Asian American Theater Company

New Media
Social Media
Public Relations
New Technology
Integrated Media
Event Coordination
Product Development
Business Development
Strategy and Monetization

Living life fully and with zeal.

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