About @TheShampooh

@The Shampooh

Shampooh, who can be found sporadically tweeting as @TheShampooh, is the co-pilot of my life and has been since February of 2001 after we met one another at Pets of Wilshire in Hollywood. Shampooh came to live with Tina 3 short months following her arrival to life on November 5, 2001 in Los Angeles. Many adventures have been shared with this beloved Pekingese who’s travelled on trips to Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Tahoe, Santa Barbara, Las Vegas and more.

@TheShampooh and @TinaHui

Fond of laundry piles, sitting in suitcases that are being packed, pillows and blankets, premium dog treats and with a penchant for playing fetch with plush animals and definitely doing her diligent part in sleeping for the both of us. She is likely to get some mentions here or there within this blog you are visiting and is fond of comments.

Thank you for visiting with us! - @TinaHui and @TheShampooh

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